Water leaking from underneath a Sub-Zero™

1.If the amount of water is greater than a pint it is probably from the water valve on the product or the home plumbing connections to the Sub-Zero.

2.Find the water supply shut-off valve and turn the water supply off

3.Remove the kickplate.

4.Find the home water supply connection to the Sub-Zero.

5.If the water is leaking from the home plumbing connections, contact your plumber.

6.If water leaks from the water valve on the fridge, the water valve may need to be replaced.

7.If water leaks from the drain pan area, the pan may be cracked, broken or missing, replace the Drain Pan if needed.

8.If water is overflowing from the drain pan, make sure it is properly installed and level.

9.If water leak is a solid stream or a flow of water or standing puddle, it may come from inside the refrigerator or freezer section.